BHRC Access Associate

Location: Bangor
Contract Type: To be defined
Job type: Full-time
Category: Healthcare & Medical
Date: 05/26/2023


Northern Light Acadia Hospital

Department: Behavioral Health Resource Center

Position is located: Acadia

Work Type: Full Time

FTE: 40 Hours per Week (FTE=1.0)

Work Schedule: 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM Monday - Thursday


The Access Center Associate gathers, summarizes and prioritizes client information for individuals being referred for admission and Hospital Outpatient Services. He/she presents case information to Clinical, Psychiatric and Nursing staff; schedules evaluations and admissions; fields crisis calls and provides emergency interventions when needed; provides information to the public about Acadia programs and other community resources. He/she is instrumental in maintaining an accurate accounting of patient census in Acadia programs while coordinating all bed management functions. He/she is instrumental is documenting data for all processes and programs and distributing reports related to findings. He/she provides after-hours back up to multiple Acadia departments including Registration, Utilization Management, Facilities, Ambulatory Clinic Scheduling and the Narcotic Treatment Program. He/she assists in coordinating the involuntary process for inpatient admissions as well as PTP applications for patients requiring court ordered medication management. He/she must possess the ability to adhere to process and procedures, evolve with change, and have a strong sense of the role the department as the central hub of workflow within the Hospital. The work environment is generally active, with multiple tasks occurring simultaneously, regular exposure to emotionally laden and confidential information, and may be psychologically stressful and require the ability to problem solve in such an environment. The work setting is an office, hospital, and outpatient clinic, with encounters with patients, family members, and staff. Equipment used includes computers, fax machines, telephones, security equipment, alarm systems photocopiers, and ITV equipment. Perform any duties and/or responsibilities assigned by Manager or Supervisor for which qualified.


* Understands the mission of The Acadia Hospital and familiarizes self with the facilities policies, procedures, and Inter Departmental Directives (IDD). Uses the appropriate degree of professionalism, friendliness and assertiveness as required by the situation. Exercises good judgment and responds to urgent situations in a timely manner. Maintains self-composure and dignity in crisis situations. Notifies supervisor and, when appropriate, other management staff regarding unusual incidents and new information about pertinent issues. Works cooperatively with other supervisors and clinical staff. Fosters development of teamwork with co-workers toward achievement of departmental goals. Attends Departmental Staff Meetings, documented 50% of the time, and documents review of materials 100% of the time, as well as maintains knowledge of changes and information pertinent to the department by use of email, currents and reviewing posted documentation. Demonstrates flexibility and initiative re other responsibilities as delegated by supervisors. Represents the Department in a positive and professional manner in the organization. Actively participates in the training of new staff
* Attendance is flexible, punctual and reliable, and necessary absences are planned in advance. Effectively utilizes information sources to identify resources to meet the inquirer's needs and provides accurate information about Acadia programs and community resources, at a level of detail appropriate to the nature of the inquiry. Demonstrates a professional, non-judgmental and culturally sensitive understanding of patients and patient needs. Contributes to coverage of other shifts, holidays, etc. Accurately schedules appointments including, but not limited to, Open Access, scheduled evaluations, Care Coordination. Management of legal paperwork as it pertains to involuntary admission and commitment to a psychiatric facility. In addition, knowledge of court applications and process flow for involuntary commitment, medication over objection, emergency guardianship, and progressive treatment plans. Registration and admissions training is up-to-date and coverage functions are completed accurately (per registration supervisor). Precertification training is up-to-date and after-hours coverage functions are completed accurately (per pre-cert supervisor). After-hours ambulatory clinic coverage functions are performed appropriately (per House Administrator and ambulatory clinic supervisor). After-hours NTP coverage functions are performed appropriately (per House Administrator and NTP Clinic supervisor). Other after-hours coverage functions are performed as needed (per House Administrator). Accurately receives disaster information, notifies appropriate personnel and departments. Documents all information and signals all clear as required. Follows procedure for assisting customers with language interpreter services per protocol. Demonstrates the ability to perform look ups multiple ways with the XTEND system (Example: by name, department name, pager ID, location, dial number). Demonstrates the proper procedure for sending pages through the XTEND system using alpha numeric, numeric, smart phone messaging. Demonstrates the ability to look up messages in the XTEND system and to print them if needed. Demonstrates responsibility for activating pages and in-house verbally paging all emergency codes and documents all pertinent information. Monitors and maintains accurate and pertinent patient information in XTEND Routinely answers calls related to physicians on call coverage and relays all pertinent information required to the physician. Maintains familiarity with the maintenance panel, recognizing and understanding alarms and who to contact should alarms become active. Responds to Ambulance call bell according to pre-established protocol. Provides information to House Administrator staff during a crisis situation and records all interactions. Keeps House Administrator staff informed of any deficiencies or unusual incidences during shift. Supports Communication Technicians with radio contact during rounds.

* Establishes rapport, asks relevant questions and uses good listening skills to discern the presenting problem and elicit necessary information, always treating clients with respect and dignity. Documents clinical information in an organized, succinct, professional manner. Working knowledge in regard to the diagnoses and associated symptoms in the DSM-5. Specifically, critical thinking surrounding case presentation and appropriate level of care classification to ensure proper bed management. Accurately assesses the severity and urgency of the presenting problem and assigns the correct Clinical Category. Effectively utilizes the Clinical Review system to ensure appropriate patient admissions. Ensures timely follow-up in all cases. Case presentations are accurate and objective, delivered in an organized, succinct, professional manner, using appropriate medical and psychiatric terminology. Coordinates with co-workers to maintain accurate census information. Logs, shift reports, and other administrative paperwork are accurate and on time. Knows safety practices and performs as necessary (response to codes, infection control precautions, etc.) Makes effective use of unstructured time (professional development, seek out tasks in the department). Interdepartmental communications are effective, and professional, per Acadia Hospital IDD HR-114. Assist in maintaining a work environment free from recognized hazards that create a risk of injury to employees, patients or visitors and that all accidents and incidents are reported by employees and properly investigated. When appropriate, assist with the return of all workers with work related injuries and illnesses to gainful employment.
* Actively monitors and eliminates weekly overtime with assistance of supervisor by cooperating with schedule adjustments.
* Takes responsibility for own learning as applicable to job and departmental needs. Actively participates in training of new staff. Possesses the ability to adapt to change within the organization while coordinating with departmental leaders regarding the most appropriate methods to incorporate changes. Offers suggestions and ideas to improve the department and the organization.

Other Information:

Bachelor's degree or the equivalent of 8 years' experience in a mental health related field required.

Competencies and Skills

* Behaves with Integrity and Builds Trust: Acts consistently in line with the core values, commitments and rules of conduct. Leads by example and tells the truth. Does what they say they will, when and how they say they will, or communicates an alternate plan.
* Cultivates Respect: Treats others fairly, embraces and values differences, and contributes to a culture of diversity, inclusion, empowerment and cooperation.
* Demonstrates Adaptability: Learns quickly when facing a new problem or unfamiliar task; is flexible in their approach with changing priorities and ambiguity. Manages change effectively and does not give up during adversity. Capable of changing one's behavioral style and/or views in order to attain a goal. Absorbs new information readily and puts it into practice effectively.
* Demonstrates Emotional Intelligence: Exhibits a high level of self-awareness, self-management, other awareness and relationship management. Conducts themselves in an empathic, appropriate way, with a sense of humor and stimulates a collaborative work environment. Is respectful of the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others and aware of the influence of their own behavior on them. Is aware of relevant social, political, system, and professional trends and developments and uses this information for the organization's benefit.
* Effectively Communicates: Listens, speaks and writes appropriately, using clear language. Communication methods are fitting to the message(s), audience, and situation and follow-ups are regular and timely. Shows that important (non-) verbal information is absorbed and understood and asks further questions to clarify when necessary. Expresses ideas and views clearly to others and has ability to adjust use of language to the audiences' level.
* Exercises Sound Judgment & Decision Making: Understands and processes complex information, which allows for appropriate and accountable conclusions. Does not react too quickly or slowly. Balances facts, goals, and potential approaches taking the appropriate criteria into account. Makes active decisions and commits oneself by communicating confidently and respectfully.
* Fosters Accountability: Creates and participates in a work environment where people hold themselves and others accountable for processes, results and behaviors. Takes appropriate ownership not only of successes but also mistakes and works to correct them in a timely manner. Demonstrates understanding that we all work as a team and the quality and timeliness of work impacts everyone involved.
* Practices Compassion: Exhibits genuine care for people and is available and ready to help; displays a deep awareness of and strong willingness to relieve the suffering of others.
* Provides Patient-Centered Care: Demonstrates understanding of patient care quality and service as organizational priority. Proactively supports change to improve patient experience and results. Exhibits the ability and willingness to find out what the patient wants and needs and to act accordingly, taking the organizational and outside resources into account. Cooperates, collaborates, communicates, and integrates care within and between teams to ensure that care is continuous and reliable.
* Seeks Process Improvement & Applies System Thinking: Possesses and gains insight into situations, problems and processes. Understands the interconnection between organizational elements. Deconstructs problems and systematically investigates the various components. Considers the impact of actions on the entire process/system. Detects problems and opportunities, recognizes important information, and links various data to trace potential causes and relevant details.
* Serves Others: Strives to understand, meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers which may include the people and communities in our service areas. Develops and maintains relationships, alliances and coalitions within and outside the organization and leverages them in order to obtain information, support, and promote cooperation and collaboration.
* Utilizes Resources Effectively: Understands how to get the most out of available resources and uses cost-benefit thinking in decision-making and in setting priorities. Monitors and analyzes resource usage to identify and eliminate areas of waste and maximize resources. As a leader, defines targets and provides appropriate means; oversees progress and makes adjustments when necessary. Appropriately delegates work, sets clear direction and manages workflow and time.


* Required Bachelor's DegreeBachelor's degree or the equivalent of 8 years' experience in a mental health related field required.

Working Conditions

* Potential exposure to diseases or infections.
* Work with computers, typing, reading or writing.
* Lifting, moving and loading less than 20 pounds.
* Prolonged periods of sitting.
* Prolonged periods of standing.
* Prolonged periods of walking.

Northern Light Acadia Hospital is a broad behavioral health delivery system centrally managed from its location in Bangor, Maine. Acadia Hospital is a leader in providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services, tele-psychiatry, consultations to regional emergency departments, school-based and employer-based services, and integration into primary and specialty care practices. Northern Light Acadia Hospital offers innovative programming in the form of eating disorder services and a geriatric mood and memory clinic, which is involved in multiple clinical trials for promising Alzheimer's medications. The hospital is also the parent organization of Northern Light Acadia Healthcare which provides a substance use disorder treatment program, case management, and other outpatient mental health services serving patients from all corners of Maine. Acadia Hospital embraces service excellence and high quality care as evidenced by its commitment to achieve Center of Excellence status in the delivery of behavioral health services.

Northern Light Acadia Hospital is a member of Northern Light Health, an integrated statewide health delivery system that is raising the bar with no-nonsense solutions that are leading the way to a healthier future for our state. Northern Light Health offers a broad range of providers and services, including ten hospitals, primary care and specialty physician practices, long-term care, home health and hospice agencies, and emergency ground and air transport.

Bangor, Maine is a vibrant small city with easy access to Maine's spectacular coast, mountains, and lakes. Schools rank among New England's best with the flagship campus of the University of Maine located in the neighboring town of Orono. Bangor serves as the regional hub for medicine, the arts, and commerce. Bangor International Airport offers direct and one-stop service to many major destinations.

Recommended Skills

  • Active Listening
  • Adaptability
  • Administration
  • Alarm Devices
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Relationship Management
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